The successful business of Amiga Toy Company

The Amiga Toy Company is build in 2007, it is located in Beijing outside the East Fifth Ring, which seems in line with those vertical electric providers who work style, low-key and effective. Before coming to Amigq Toy Company, PR insiders had told me about a story about other one adult toy supplies. That business is located within a well-known district in Beijing, the same floor.

Amigq Toy Company, are in the cell next to the door of a restaurant, a separate three-story house it is time of work, a lot of passers-by came hurrying from the brand, they may not know that in this small building is the largest independent provider of sex dolls in E-commerce platform. Amigq Toy Company is probably currently has more than 50 employees, half the proportion of men and women.

The Founder of Amiga toy company are from Nankai University, he’s name is Lin Degang, this middle-aged man did engineer, opened a restaurant, Amiga toy is his third venture: in 2002 at a cost of 3,000 yuan, this attempt eventually became his lifework. By the end of 2005, Lin Degang started thinking about how to make Amiga Toy to become a national brand of sex doll channels, the result back to the line of thinking is to do the next to join. 2005, Amiga Toy opened the first store, and gradually expand the line, 2007, Amiga Toy began more professional in sex doll product. According to Lin Degang, this is because most of attracting franchisees are small family-owned entrepreneurs with limited funds can be invested, for them, Amiga toy provide the sex doll to them available at a lower price, bypassing Amiga toy have low stock became a natural choice.

Now, In its view of the industry the biggest problem is the lack of sex doll industry brands, he had been to many so-called big factories, and he thought they would have done some human trials, but most didt. The silicone sex dolls, for example, most company directly copying foreign designs, but the size of the foreign general four centimeters, while the domestic is 3.5 cm, these tiny gap but it will feel uncomfortable in use. And for some products vibration frequency is 20, the other 40 manufacturers in order to make propaganda, and do more, but according to the study as long as more than 50 body will feel discomfort.

Future Amiga Toy will probably around 10% of own-brand products, Lin Degang opinion, only to become Watson, adult supplies E-commerce supplier in order to survive.

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