Transparency Is Completely See-Through

When you join a dating site, the first thing you have to do is create a profile. The online service then looks for suitable partners who not only match your requirements but whose profile matches yours.

This is not dissimilar to some online loan companies who ask you enough questions to create a picture of you which they can match with the services or products of specific loan companies. Hopefully just like the dating sites, customers will have more than one choice.

If you ‘join’ a dating site, you often have to pay a monthly fee for access to the information and to keep looking. Membership of online loan companies usually charge you a one-off fee.

The benefits

For this one-off fee you get a pretty good deal. First of all you will receive a copy of your credit rating which will cost you almost £15 if you apply for this direct. Next it means the company will use their bespoke software to match your profile and requirements with all the different types of lenders on their books.

At the same time, they look in your geographical area to see what offers and deals are available on other products or services.

There’s a double whammy, a financial product and ways to save money too.


The one off membership fee that you pay covers all this and more. It also means that unlike other financial advisors these don’t rely on commission to make their money. This means their recommendations are unbiased.

Loans Direct UK offers a unique service which includes financial products and services as well as discounts. Many of their contacts are available only through them so that members of their community benefit.

Who can borrow money?

Even if you have a known poor credit history, many of the lenders will loan you money. Sometimes your credit rating may need cleaning to make you risk-worthy. Through a company like Loans Direct or Norton Finance you will have access to your credit report. Check there is nothing on this that is incorrect or out of date. Sometimes it is historical information or different listed addresses that cause the problem.

How much interest will be paid?

Every lending company assesses their interest rates on a number of things: the size of the loan, the period of the loan and the risk involved i.e. what your Credit Report says. Typically if you require a short term loan, you will repay somewhere in the region of £25 for every £100 borrowed.

Apart from short term loans usually repayable within a month, longer term loans are typically arranged for situations such as car purchase or household repairs. The interest on these loans will be higher. It might be that a credit card is a better option and offer you more control of repayments.

Absolutely clear

On websites of these typical loan companies such as Norton or Loans Direct UK you will find all of this information clearly stated. This makes one thing is absolutely certain that the business is no Loans Direct scam. If you do have any questions you can call their offices which are typically open from early until late six days a week.

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