Commonly thought of as a buyer’s agent, when needing to purchase a house or condominium, many realtors are also experienced with buying and selling vacation properties, to include timeshares. Using a Las Vegas realty professional can be an asset for persons interested in buying a timeshare in Las Vegas, as they will be able to represent buyers with any timeshare listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

While timeshare listings with points, floating weeks fixed weeks are usually listed with timeshare-specific resellers, when browsing the MLS, most listings are for fixed week timeshares. These are timeshares in Las Vegas sold at a specified property, for a designated week of the year. Many higher-end timeshare properties are listed with realty professionals, as are exclusive units in sold-out, desirable communities.

When purchasing timeshares in Las Vegas with a Real Estate professional (or Las Vegas investment property), buyers will have access to important decision-making information such as current comparables on the market, recently sold property prices, any taxes and fees due annually, unit sizes and locations, and the number of days each listing has been on the market. Just as with other types of properties, the longer the property has been on the market, the more likely the sellers are to negotiate closing costs, fees, dues and unit prices.

Realtors are a valuable asset to buyers who can not make it out to see their prospective timeshare units. Units can be toured, pictures can be taken and sent to buyers and property conditions can be noted first-hand during a home inspection. If performing an inspection, make sure it is conducted by a professional Las Vegas home inspector. Finally, tax records, appraisals, past resale information can be easily delivered to your inbox.

The next time you are in the market for timeshares in Las Vegas, consider using the services of a realty professional. He or she is an experienced buyer’s representative and will walk you though all aspects of the timeshare buying process.

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